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Mercedes Benz inspection in Los Angeles

A bumper-to-bumper Mercedes Benz inspection in Los Angeles should always be performed before you buy a used or pre-owned Mercedes from a private seller or used car dealership, especially if the vehicle does not have a warranty or a CARFAX™ Lemon Check®.


Jack’s Tri-Star Motors has performed hundreds of Mercedes Benz inspections, like pre-purchase inspections (PPI) and safety inspections. We have helped buyers uncover potential safety or financial issues that would have gone unnoticed if not for our attention to detail.

You can trust our independent Mercedes Benz inspection reports will be unbiased, accurate, and uninfluenced by sellers or buyers.

Protect yourself with our expert knowledge to help you negotiate a sensible price with the seller, especially if our inspection findings uncover problems that could result in expensive Mercedes repair bills or jeopardize your safety.

With 50 plus years combined experience inspecting Mercedes vehicles only, our inspectors will know exactly what to look for, regardless of your model or year.

Don’t settle on buying that Mercedes after a quick test-drive around the block, and visual scan under the hood.

Contact us online or call (818) 243-7766 if want a 2nd opinion of a used Mercedes’s overall condition to buy or sell.

Allow us to point out specific mechanical issues that will need to be addressed before you buy or sell a used Mercedes car in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Hollywood, North Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

Based on dozens of excellent customer reviews, we have earned the trust and respect as honest and no-nonsense Mercedes mechanics.

Mercedes Safety Inspection

Recommended 52-point safety inspection checklist will show the seller you are serious before the final sales negotiation.

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1. Lights operation
2. Horn operation
3. Wiper operation (front & rear)
4. Washer operation
5. Park brake operation
6. Steering column freeplay / movement
7. Brake pedal mounting
8. Clutch pedal mounting
9. Accelerator pedal mounting
10. Seat belt anchorage security
11. Seat mountings security
12. External mirrors
13. Internal mirrors
14. Windscreen / sideglass cracks & condition
15. Front / rear light lenses & condition
16. Door & boot seals (dust & weather)
17. Brake Fluid level & condition
18. Clutch Fluid level & condition
19. Power Steering Fluid level & condition
20. High & Low pressure power steering hoses
21. Coolant level & condition
22. Fan & fan drive
23. Radiator condition
24. Cooling system hoses & clamps
25. Battery security
26. Battery electrolyte level & terminals
27. Engine oil level
28. Brake linings
29. Brake disc / drums condition
30. Flexible brake hoses & lines
31. Differential oil level
32. Gearbox oil level
33. Engine mountings
34. Gearbox mountings
35. Spring mounts / buses & shackles
36. Shock absorbers, mountings & bushes
37. Steering linkages
38. Driveshaft & universal / CV joints
39. Exhaust serviceability
40. Suspension ball joints
41. Suspension components & bushes
42. Wheel bearing condition
43. Tire condition & pressure
44. Wheel nuts
45. Wheel tracking / alignment
46. Shocker operation
47. Audible gearbox / differential noise
48. Audible bearing noise
49. Clutch / brake operation
50. Vehicle driveability
51. Engine performance
52. Tire noise & performance

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Mercedes Warning Lights Inspection

If one or more of your dashboard warning lights is blinking or remains on, you should immediately contact us to schedule a Mercedes warning lights inspection. With the latest computer diagnostic tools and software, we will determine the inspection fault code(s), and what maintenance or service will be required to reset the Mercedes warning light back to normal.

Customers often ask us, “What does this warning light mean?” and “How can it be turned off?” The short answer is you should always take a warning light seriously, and never try to reset the light yourself without proper training and equipment, or you may cause unnecessary damage to your Mercedes electrical system or other parts.

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Below are common Mercedes warning lights we inspect and reset on a daily basis.

Mercedes-Benz ABS warning lightABS warning light
Mercedes-Benz electrical fault lightElectrical fault light
Mercedes-Benz brake warning lightBrake warning light
Mercedes-Benz service engine lightService engine light
Mercedes-Benz oil warning lightOil warning light
Mercedes-Benz coolant warning lightCoolant warning light

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