Mercedes Coolant Flush Service

Thursdays are much cooler when you need a Mercedes coolant flush service.

Pay only $49.99 when you schedule your appointment online for a Mercedes coolant flush service on a Thursday only between 8am and 3pm. Tax and hazardous waste fee extra.

Service includes:

  • Drain, flush engine coolant
  • Refill with Mercedes-Benz approved Engine Coolant
  • Visual inspection for leaks, damage

It’s important you check the “Coolants” section in your Mercedes owner’s manual to find the recommended maintenance schedule to replace the coolant (water/anticorrosion/antifreeze mixture). If you don’t check its concentration or replace, corrosion can damage your radiator, heater core, water pump, and cooling lines.

$49.99 Mercedes Coolant Flush Service price special

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mercedes coolant flush service price special on thursdays

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