Driving Directions to Jack’s Tri-Star Motors

Get step-by-step driving directions to Jack’s Tri-Star Motors using a gadget powered by Google.

Just enter your starting point and Google will provide you the fastest route to our location at 5832 San Fernando Rd.

Whether you are driving from Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Pasadena, or anywhere else in Los Angeles, you are within minutes of visiting us.

Towing service

We can arrange towing service if you are unable to drive your Mercedes to our location or your vehicle is inoperable.

During our operating hours, call us at (818) 243-7766. After our operating hours or holidays, call (818) 400-1414 and mention us to receive a discount.

Towing fees vary based on your pick-up destination and pick-up time.

Shuttle service

We offer shuttle service if you are unable to wait at our location while we service your Mercedes.

Within a 5-mile radius of our location, we can shuttle you to your destination for free. Just let us know upfront when you schedule your appointment online or call (818) 243-7766.

Once we have completed servicing your Mercedes, we will call you to pick-up your vehicle. If you are unable to pick-up, we can arrange to drive your Mercedes to you for an additional fee based on the final destination address and drop-off time.

5 mile radius map